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Dedicated to my late love, Pepa - Life Path number 2 - The Mediator

Pepa was the peacemaker, always defending me in heated moments.  She was extremely sensitive, perceptive, diplomatic, enthusiastic, passionate, refined, flirtatious, playful, and easygoing.  But she could also be impatient, uncooperative, inconsiderate, a worry wart, hoarding, and a sloppy eater at times.  Pepa loved harmony, dancing, smiling, eating, nature, being at the lake or beach, but most of all she loved to give and receive love. 

Pepa had the ultimate "go for it" attitude.  She had a large ego and was definitely the top dog, the supreme ruler of her universe.  She had a very strong, courageous, and happy personality.  When looking in her eyes, I could see her goodness and kindness.  Her face always showed her emotions.  Her presence was comforting and healing.  Pepa was the most loyal of pet's I've ever had.


Pepa's pup, Purdy - Life Path number 3 - The Communicator

My current family, Purdy, Petie and Jorge (Horhey) - both boys' Life Path numbers are 1 - The Leader


My newest friend, Bunny - Life Path number 6 - The Nurturer


What is Numerology?

Numerology is a science, the language of numbers and their symbolic meaning.  Each number has its own "inner nature", a vibration, or tone, and its own vibratory influence upon living beings.  Numbers are energy, and each number has positive as well as negative attributes.  All words, names and numbers may be reduced to single digits which correspond to certain characteristics (vibrations) that influence life.

Numerology is not new, and it is not a fad.  It has been around for at least 2,500 years.  Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, philosopher, and theorist, who lived from 569-470 B.C., created the Pythagorean Number System.  He is said to be the first person to realize that numbers are the very foundation of the universe.  The actual origins of numerology predate Pythagoras, the most popular being the very old Hebrew Kabbala.

Numerology is highly accurate.  People who engage numerology marvel at the insight and practical advice it offers.  Certainly within this science is an age-old and universal wisdom that people intuitively understand, respect, and respond to.

"At any rate, I am convinced that God does not play dice." - Albert Einstein

Numerology for pets will provide an overview of your pet's personality. It may also hint at some of the challenges and joys that you will face as a pet owner.   For pets, only the animal's every day name is needed, not it's "official" name.  For example, if your pet's full name is Princess Penelope, but you call her Penny, then the name to be given here would be Penny.  If you know your pet's birth date, that will be helpful, it will provide even more detailed information, but it is not necessary.


Get your pet's numerology information here soon!

Currently this site is under construction. Please check back later.

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Is your pet injured or ill?  Visit our Pet Healing Ministry site for spiritual assistance on a speedy recovery.


It is not recommended that you use numerology to pick a particular pet for your household. In animal shelters everywhere, there are fabulous animals awaiting a loving home such as yours.  If you are seeking a dog for companionship, by all means, visit organizations such as Forgotten Friends. Or look in the phone book for your nearest animal shelter. The decision to adopt an animal is a very personal one. And the factors to consider can be complex. So please take the time to find a good match. The joy you will experience will be very much worth the effort. Don't be put off if a given animal's numbers do not initially add up to your liking. Chances are that animal has many fine qualities that will make it well worth your while. Then when you get it home, by all means use this site to get a better understanding of your new friend. And may you and your pet be blessed with love and happiness for many years to come!



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